The Tapestry

January 9, 2018
By <Rebekah> BRONZE, Burlington, Iowa
<Rebekah> BRONZE, Burlington, Iowa
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Gazing upon those midnight suns reflecting off that expanse of water I refer to as my very own expanse of mind,
Each star a wonder not yet explored,
Questions yet answered,
Aspirations yet achieved,
I consider a divine tapestry just beyond the linear realm,
Beyond the surface of this painted water,
For this woven masterpiece is unfathomably layered-
Each layer interwoven by way of countless strands.
These strands are not alone, for they themselves are built up by even more strands,
More so, each intricate strand makes itself up with an infinite array of thread and fibre.
There, that involved fibre is but one soul of many.
A tapestry of such divinity leaves no soul without play,
None left astray within this reality of incomprehensible mass and complexity.
Layer upon layer these strands of soul weave the tale of purpose and significance,
All the while forming the ripples we call chance or destiny,
For this tapestry of life moves as any body of water would.
With each soul’s touch, each soul’s weave,
Ripples spread forth.
As each soul touches this surface,
Their ripples intertwine, their strands woven,
Collectively sending waves of emotion, of energy, of life,
Throughout this elaborate sea of tapestry.
As any strand of any woven artwork,
These souls see not what they have painted.
Yet they move onward with no binding thoughts and paint their capacity of fruitful labour.
As the night’s clouds reflect such waves of the sea,
Is it conceivable to wish those clouds my pathway
To walk one with the stars.

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