Leaving Me

January 9, 2018
By Samnathabud BRONZE, Franklin, Wisconsin
Samnathabud BRONZE, Franklin, Wisconsin
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For hours, the time ticked slower than the brutal trickle sweat running down my face after a long run
ForĀ  days, watching the sky filled with blood and a warm orange and then watching the dark hole fill in later
For months, I waited
For an answer, for the passion of a warm kiss like a warm camping fire reaching for your face
For a sign, that somewhere inside you, you won't give up
For anything
There was no buzz or ring from the device you use to appear on
There was nothing
Leaving me for what, to laugh with friends, other girls
For another
For more
For what, but yet the time still ticked slow, slower than the brutal trickle of sweat down my face after a long run

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