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Sacramento my Home

January 9, 2018
By burbankWarrior BRONZE, Sacramento, California
burbankWarrior BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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Sacramento, my home
Sacramento is known as the place where the great big crispy white tall house that has a perfect hulk-colored grass that gets cut by high ranked lawn mowers every day. We call that the capital of california. People also think of california has all the hahas and lovie dovies. People say sacramento is where everyone is treated as equals and very diverse with a smell of variety of foods. Everything I just said might be true, but it’s not my truth.
My truth is that people are constantly on a treadmill. And locked up behind cages like a dog, every single day you will hear a story about white cops killing black people. The smell in the air is not all sweet in good it smells like straight dogs because lots of people has them in their backyard. You will hear scerts from cars daily and when you see the wanna be gangstas they will be escaping from the cops or doing donuts to impress girls. The wanna be gangstas would also make videos with guns in the video talking about ima shoot up your house and not do it the day they say they would. Even if they do kill someone I care about or know i would feel bad but it feels like I am in a constant pattern and in a coma but conscious.
Every time I leave my house it feels like the government straight up ditched us like a Huge game of hiding and go seek. Because the houses here looks all tore down and crappy like a horror movie. And in order for us kids to stay on track and ignore the negative we have to get in to sports or even dancing. For an example im into basketball and there is not a good amount of big time college scouts that comes to check us out because of their perception of are city. It takes a lot of hard work to get notest by big time scouts for people like me to get out the hood.
If you thinking about living here remember not to judge a city by its cover, but instead by its civilization.

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Its about my life

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