Nine Lives

January 9, 2018
By SLaMantia BRONZE, Riverside, Illinois
SLaMantia BRONZE, Riverside, Illinois
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She lived nine lives. 


Born a small white girl,

Her skin was a lovely, soft pearl

She was raised in a gated community

And knew nothing of the world's lack of unity


Born a tall black lady

Faced what many called injustice daily

Bitter was her face full of resentment

Not satisfied with always acting the defendant


Born in a male body

Unable to stand the costume guady

Transformed her appearance for life

And changed to a different kind of strife


Born with a heart of fire

Went to war and fell to bullets haywire

She moves with wheels now

And her supporters only disavow


Born without sexual attraction

Can only be seen as an infraction

To the society based on physical love

She is desperate to find the end of


Born unable to hear

Does not need to listen to see every sneer

Her hands move at a pace

That could have been a language for the whole human race


Born with the weath of the gods

But with a family at odds

Her head is in turmoil

Those who see simply recoil


Born with unorthodox attraction

They see her and have horrid reaction

She loved another female

Now hers & hers bodies lie stale


Born as a human

To a race destined to ruin

See a world drenched in a bloody hue

What are we going to do?

The author's comments:

There are a lot more minorities and issues I could have included, but theses are the ones closest to my own heart.  This world is a good one, but humans need to learn how to empasize with one another.

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