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The Flavor

January 8, 2018
By Anonymous

The Flavors of the Jelly bears is delectable
The flavors are special, even the kids will agree
But not everyone thinks the same
They say the Flavor is too...Bland ...too Sweet….Too gross
I Don’t care what they say besides Gummies are gummies
Beside...I did ask if they’re tongues was there to taste it
I ask them Have you know that every color they see...They’ll taste it
They Shake their heads no as I sent shiver down their bones
Besides what’s the point? they can’t even see out of these empty soulless eyes of there's
I Got to taste the tangy Green apple ones, the sour blueberry ones, the Sea taffy Hazel ones, Crispy Honey ones, Even the Root Beers Brown one
It was very sweets and delicious! Too bad the people can’t see to taste it
As the Raspberry liquid leak down the Eyeless people face and drips to the floor
My hands were covered in The red bitter yet delicious Liquid
I Couldn’t help but smiled to myself as they blindly walk around the Room
The smile turns into grin and the grin turn into a smirk
I Walk up to one and whisper “You want to taste the Raspberry flavor?”
They shake their head  no and try to walk away from me
I’m very Glad that the Kids love the gummies but too bad for the poor adults!
Because I’m going to need more gummies to feed the young kids

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