The Holocaust

April 2, 2009
Killing the Jews is what he did best
Gassing the gays and beating the rest
People with blond hair and blue eyes survived
But everyone else was deprived

Adolf Hitler was his name
The one that cause all of the shame
He made history and won't be forgotten
For all his torture and people poisoned rotten

As merciless as a killer whale
Killing innocent citizens, he would never fail
Death camps everywhere
With millions of people in despair

Hopes, dreams, and freedom were all devoured
Because of a sick, twisted man full of power
The Third Reich was a time of tears
For many it was a time of fears

He wanted to create a master race
Instead he caused a disgrace
He herded them like cattle
Onto train cars as America entered the battle

Walking in those steady lines at a steady pace
Closing their eyes and seeing his face
All they can think of is whether they live or die
Hoping for somebody to hear their cry

Every one of his sad sins
Will all build up and stab him like sharp pins
Hitler was a bundle of distress
For creating such a big mess

As the machine guns scream hot lead
Millions lie in their death beds
The ground baths in a swarm of bloody innocents
Half of them were only little infants

Adolf Hitler finally had enough
So he poisoned himself with something very rough
Which ended all of the lives he could have cost
In the reign of terror called the Holocaust

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