March 25, 2009
By Anonymous

The bond between two people
When one can cry on the other’s shoulder
Without feeling bad
And then returning the favor a while later
The person you call when something is wrong
And when you need to talk
About how badly you feel
The person is there
Ready and waiting
With open arms
And then when you can’t think straight
And just need to vent
They have the ears that will listen
To what you have to say
The pick you up
When you fall down
And then you are there to pick them up
If they fall too
Who else would you invite to sleep over?
To tell your heart to
To pour it out without restrictions
And then be hugged
And greeted with a smile
When you have had the worst day
And you don’t want to pick your head up
From between your knees
They lift your head up
And tell you tomorrow will be better
They are there for you always
And they are friends

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