I Could Have Been A Princess

January 2, 2018

I could have been a princess
If I hadn’t been born here.
If my parents hadn’t brought me,
I might’ve come some other year.
I could have been the daughter of
Some ancient tribal chief,
And married to a rival king
(To my own lover’s grief).
Or perhaps a dreaded pirate
Would have been my dad instead,
And he’d take me out to sail the seas
And plunder for our bread.
I might have come to poverty,
And lived to beg for food;
Or inherited some vast estate
And used my wealth for good.
Oh, I could write for many days
Of good and bad things I’ve escaped
Because of when and where I came
And how my life was shaped.
The things that I could dream about--
“If only” and “What if” !
“If only I’d have been born then…”
“What if I could have lived…”
But there’s no use in wondering, wishing,
’Cause there’s a purpose for my birth.
God’s Plan is good, and blesses all
He sends to live on Earth.
He knows my heart and all my needs.
He placed me here by grand design.
He promised me if I obey
All He has can be mine.
And so, I’ll live the way He taught
Content with what I’m given,
Because I trust the Plan and Love
Of my Great God in Heaven.

The author's comments:

I have spent a lot of my short life looking for my purpose and finding things that inspire me, and wondering why I was born when I was. But I have come to find that God has a purpose for. He put me here for a reason. And I know that's true for everyone.

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