December 27, 2017
Red was the color we thought of when we saw anger, enemies, hatred, and bad, bad things, however, red is still a beautiful color. To us, red, was love. She and I saw the bright side of life. Orange was the color that united us. In the morning as the sun rose, we would sit and watch the orange tinted sky and begin our day together. There would be evenings when we would watch the sun go down as the sky filled with the most beautiful orange. Orange evenings were always the best because it signified that we would survive another day. Yellow seemed to pull us in with the bright look of happiness. She was my happiness. She was my sun, my beautiful yellow daffodil that gave me oxygen, and the light that could get me through the black empty void I got sucked into. She was my yellow. Green, was the color that represented how natural we could be together without getting bored of each other. Green was our nature. Our nature of fitting together like nature fits to the earth. She defined green. How beautiful she looked yet so natural without the need of nature's resources to apple to her delicate face. We’d look at the color blue and see it warm and soft to the touch, like her. She was the color of the oceans I would surf on and teach her how to swim in. Finally purple. What else is there to say besides her being my purple? She was royalty, a queen, a lilac sky, the lavender that everyone wants to have so desperately to spice up their life and bring peace to their mind. Those colors had been our downfall. Red turned into hatred and anger when I found out the girls weren’t only friends. She would leave me on read with the excuse that she fell asleep only to have revealed to me, that she was with another. The arguments we would have from the flirtatious ways she would hold her eyes on him or her without even a glance at me till I said, “ We should go now.” Orange turned into flames in which our love was giving oxygen to. We danced around the fire like we knew nothing was gonna get us burned, but in the end, I was the only one getting burned. Orange was destruction. Yellow seemed to dim and soon turned into the dead dandelion and daffodil that never was taken care of. I tried to revive them numerous times, but orange kept destroying them. Yellow was death. Green was the jealousy I felt when she would have a ‘hang out’ without inviting me saying, “ This is just a friend thing, for us to get closer to each other.” Closer was what she got when she put her lips on his and then hers and then his again. I had to hear it from a stranger that she had done it. When I asked, all that she said was, “It was spin the bottle, but we only kissed cheeks.” Green had brought me envy. Blue was the sadness and depression I felt when I knew I would have to leave her soon with my heart still in her hand. She had crushed it time after time, but managed to heal it with a simple, “I love you,” and, “I’m sorry.” I had used the blue that came from my eyes to calm the orange destructive fire, but it was too late for that. Blue was useless and saddening that reminds me of empty love. Purple, was the color that showed me royalty is corrupted. Skies are lilac because the wrong colors mix at the right time. Purple was a never ending reign that flourished from beautiful people, turning them into chaos. She was chaos. She was purple. She is colors.

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