March 25, 2009
By Anonymous

Sadness. Lost of hope.
Dreams and wishes gone.
Trust has left you.
No best friend anymore.
You stop believing.
You look around.
You see no one. Hear no one.
But the wind, whipping your hair in your eyes.
You brush it away.
You feel the wind gains force.
You want to scream out.
Only no one can hear.
You feel drowned in your head.
You need to escape.
To get out. To run, free.
With the wind.
The wind carries you.
You keep going further.
Pushing yourself.
You feel yourself floating.
High. In the clouds.
You look down.
You can’t see the ground. It’s black mist.
So scared.
You want to escape.
Escape from your nightmare.
You still feel the wind, raw against your skin.
There is still no one around.
You still feel locked in your head.
You wish you were a bird.
To fly away from problems.
You wish you were everything but yourself.
One wish was more poignant than the others though.
You wish to run free from your head.
You wish long and hard.
You wish to escape.

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