World Full of Lies

December 25, 2017
By Fatimah BRONZE, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
Fatimah BRONZE, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
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"Be the change you wish to see in the world"

This Revolution has us messed up
No really, all of this is really f***ed up
All we want is freedom
To stay in our home
But it’s getting too hard for me and my son
We’re afraid, afraid of everyone
Scared someone will randomly pull out a gun
And let blood flow
Shoot us to the head, will come as a very big blow
We have to escape sooner or later
Before we run into a Refugee People Hater
What we get?
Bombs thrown from the sky
What we get?
No birds that can fly
What we get?
Blood stench in the air
What we get?
Blood in our hair
What we get?
I’m feeling the pain
What we get?
No food in the market
What we get?
Our kids they be starving
Finally they come and save us
Oh no sorry
We saved us
Walked 300 miles to the Border, wasn't even a bus
Hopped on a Plane off to America where dreams come true,
We looked for companionship, someone to talk to
The only words we got were.. immigrants SCREW YOU?All we want is a home a nice place to stay
But they treat us like garbage, they throw us away
My little baby boy, clutching to his toy, holding in the tears,
But in his eyes you can see his raging fear
I try to stay strong, I look him in the eye
I tell him that everything is going to be fine
That Papa will join and be right there by your side
But on the inside I knew that it wasn't alright
That these americans wouldn't go down without a fight
That they wouldn't stop until we left
Or at least until they put us in debt
But I still told my son that he shouldn't fret
Because no one will ever be a threat 
Me and my son sit there in the street
White man looks at us like we are raw meat
White man pulls a gun, aims it at my son
I try to stop it
But then he pulls the trigger, and pops it
“Take that you Towelhead I’m gonna leave you all for dead”
It all goes too fast
The stench of blood is back, worse than before
Because my son’s dead, Out on the damn floor
My emotions takes over, I wail and cry
I walk up to him, you committed a GODDAMN SIN
We came here to find a place to live, but then you ruined it
I tried to come here cuz they said this place was full of dreams but you treat us like s***
What we get?
White man pulls out his phone
What we get?
I’m stuck here alone
What we get?
Dead son in the street
What we get?
Cops put their hands around me
What we get?
Cops say they found a home
What we get?
I’m left in a cell, all alone

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