Reality?: Poem 5b (11) of Six

December 23, 2017
By Labyrinthescaper GOLD, Harare, Other
Labyrinthescaper GOLD, Harare, Other
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Preach to broken hearts and you will never lack an audience

Reality you say
Feels like insanity
Like these are just ideals
Ideals that help me cope with my psyche

It feels amazing, I admit
Sometimes I tear up just because of it
You make me a different person
But as joyful as I become, the world it still worsens

Help me to believe you
My heart knows you're true
My eyes that see beneath the surface
But my mind, my physical eyes, always advantageous
Tells me I'm crazy
I'm intoxicated and my life is hazy
I need the rehabilitation that is the harshness of this world

But that world's messed up, it makes mind talk louder than I can handle
If this is reality
Help my mind be still

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