~An Unheard Voice~

March 25, 2009
By Khyati Maloo BRONZE, Bhilwara, Other
Khyati Maloo BRONZE, Bhilwara, Other
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The other day at school
We had a campaign near the pool
They were heading a great cause
Helping the people who suffered a loss

At the same time the high court issued an order
1200 stray dogs to be murdered!
The order was passed & it was to be done
& the poor dogs had no where to run

What kind of world is this?
Where our national animal is served in a dish
The taste is lovely & so is the presentation
The chef rejoices his deathly creation

When some kid bursts crackers on a stray’s tail
The scene makes you happy & gay
But when the same stray bites some naughty kid
You make sure the stray, by everyone is badly hit
We destroy forests their only home
Because of which in the city & villages they roam
We hit them we beat them saying that they can destroy our house
We uncannily smile, but they, they can barely crouch

At the end I would like to plead for the dear animals
To save them from thoughtlessness of ignorance
To protect them from some senseless cruelties of fashion
And to keep them away from thoughtful barbarities of scientific creation.

The author's comments:
hi evryone!I would like to bring you are attention towards the growing cruelities towards anmals . It really touched my heart. Hope it touches your heart in the same way, at the end would like to plead PLEASE DO NOT HURT ANIMALS . THEY TOO HAVE FEELINGS . THEY ARE ALSO A PART OF US! . SAVE ANIMALS HELP GOD!

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