Classic Mistake

January 2, 2018
By EricaWilson GOLD, Argyle, Texas
EricaWilson GOLD, Argyle, Texas
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Satan knew Heaven was the "celestial light"

But yearned for control despite what was right

A conch amid the water divided the pack

The strange reflection none other than Jack

Victor played God to a lifeless object

But what he created he failed to protect

Many souls died by the hand of Macbeth

So his "golden reputation" met its own death

Dr. Faustus fell victim to a devilish spell

And for that he was cast straight into Hell

Each blinded by their own ambition

Each with their very own rendition

But what ultimately turned their situations sour

Was the skewing of the line between morality and power

The author's comments:

This piece includes allusions to: Dr. Faustus, Paradise Lost, Macbeth, Frankenstein, and Lord of the Flies. I wanted to convey the ultimate theme of power versus morality, while highlighting how unchecked ambition can be dangerous, how a lack of morals can harm one's character, and the consequences that a lack of humility towards God can hold. 

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