Cheating Boy

December 30, 2017
By Casandra_Bear SILVER, Carolton, Georgia
Casandra_Bear SILVER, Carolton, Georgia
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To find yourself you must let go of everyone else.

We both lied, but the difference between you and me. Is that what I lied about didn't give you a reason to question my loyalty. But what you lied about oh honey that gave me plenty of reason. But yet I didn't question your loyalty until I found out that every day for almost a week you questioned my loyalty. And on that day I started putting things together and come to find out I should have been questioning yours for a long time. I'm seeing what every one has been talking about everything about you just don't add up. At least I finally know why I have felt like I am not the only one you calling baby. I don't know how or why you have done this because I have always been loyal to you, done everything I could do for you, stayed by your side when no one else was, told you your worth and that you will amount to something when everyone else was putting you down, and I even defended you against my own family. You said you was a man, but I see now your really just a boy. I thought you was different than the rest I really did, but you showed me that the only differece there. Is that you knew how to play your cards just a little bit better. I know we both lied, but at least I was always loyal to you and only you. So this is goodbye. 

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