December 30, 2017
By Casandra_Bear SILVER, Carolton, Georgia
Casandra_Bear SILVER, Carolton, Georgia
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To find yourself you must let go of everyone else.

We go day by day and night by night. Just wondering what's going to happen tomorrow. Will I live or shall I die. For every night I am happy adds another day to cry. We are fighting for those who have already been lost. The cost for our sins brings us to divinity. They say everyone wins, but some die to depart from the misery. We all want to be set free from the misery, so we crawl our way up. Scraping our knees, and the palms of our hands to only be bleeding out in the end. He comands us to fall back down, but we have to keep taking step by step back up to the top. Tomorrow is a new day don't let it be filled with sorrow. As the sun rises a new morning comes with the cold november air and the dew running down the windows. As november comes to an end, December starts a new begining. We go day by day and night by night.  Week by week and month by month. Even year by year all just wondering what's going to happen next inour lives. Is it good or is it bad we shall never know for tomorrow is never fortold. The cost of the lost souls shall be paid by the living. For the misery shall never concore, but we shall only be set free. The Divinity of our sins will be seen another day for today we are free from misery. For today we don't scrape our knees, for we have reached the top. We shall never go back down for we are held and heald by those who set their love free. For every night I am alive, Leaves a day that I shall die.

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