Deep Inside

December 30, 2017
By Casandra_Bear SILVER, Carolton, Georgia
Casandra_Bear SILVER, Carolton, Georgia
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To find yourself you must let go of everyone else.

Deep inside I thought you were the one. I opened up and trusted you with my deepest secrets. I was broken into a million pieces, I thought you were ptting me back together turns out you were just breaking me more. I held you when you were sad, when you cried, and I was always there for you. Then you just break me into a million more pieces. I kept telling myslef to not get close to you, but you just sweeped me off my feet and I was stupid enough to believe you. I once thought you where my knight in shining armor, turns out your just a fool in aluminum foil. You told me all you wanted was to be with me forever, but that just tearned into a lie. I have been hurt, broken, abused, used, and burned. And all you did was make everything worse. You tour me down and broke my heart.I wish someone who found me alone and broken would be truthful, faithful, and actually cared to fix me. Not to change who I am but to get me to where I was once before. Before the depression. Before the anxiety. Before the insecutities.Before my heart got broken. I am here not for you, but for me. I am here to make mmy life better. I am here to be the best me that I can be. 

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