Death Can Never Fail

December 28, 2017
By ScarletGunn BRONZE, Corbin , Missouri
ScarletGunn BRONZE, Corbin , Missouri
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Dusk to dawn
For the night will run
Only to be replaced by the sun
Followed by the dark with the light
The stars will weep as their mother sleeps
For they have been abandoned

What a tragic tale
This wicked fail seems to make one wail
As the day leaks into black.
But here I’ll lay, in my lover’s embrace
Where the blood of the moon drips into the cruel space

If the sun and moon can rise
Then we will continue to fight
Killing our kin and all in within our sight
Trials of red and flesh of blue we will leave in our wake
Only the dead can realize our mistake.

Your glossed up viel will leave a cruel dark trial
As I swallow your glass sword.
Stone soft eyes stain my blurred sight
But you can not detest that I tried to fight
The venomous wine that slipped down my throat

Ironic smiles and twisted poisoned frowns
Are the expressions of my youth.
But how can I, ever call that sick performance mine?
When you held the lead.

If the sun and the moon can rise
Then still we will fight
Killing our kin and all in within our sight
Stripes of red and flesh of blue will be in our trials
It’s a good thing death can never fail.

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