Multiple Sijo's

October 5, 2017
By Nickelodeon BRONZE, Hebron, Kentucky
Nickelodeon BRONZE, Hebron, Kentucky
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You may have your friends for life, but you have your family for eternity.

He Feels Alive

He holds onto me even though he eventually has to let go,
His strong limbs hold me close when I need to be held,
Soon letting go as my eyes closed, tears falling, he slowly vanishes from my arms.


Sound Of Madness

Music pounds my ears like a blistering headache,
Straight into my head it’s loud and clear like the wind hitting my ear,
As I soon realize my chest pounding of bass, I’m rushed to the hospital.



Getting shot at from all corners I panic,
Sweat rushing down my boiling skin I soon realize this may be the end,
Standing up I fire back bullets whizzing by, I feel a sting and drop,
No more bullets, no more shells, realizing I’m the last one left, I feel invincible.

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