December 22, 2017
By BigBlueWaterBuffalo BRONZE, Davisburg, Michigan
BigBlueWaterBuffalo BRONZE, Davisburg, Michigan
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Within a town of eight hundred people;
an incident has occurred.
Lured in from the scents of Fresh
Mart. Distracted employees, with only a
glimpse of authority, those searching
for Mr.T CerealTM.

Not expecting of what's to come.

It was a large, brown footed
broad shouldered male.
The massive creature’s presence
was felt and noted. 

Containing her emotions;
the unexpecting customer
could feel the breath of the beast.
With each clunking step,
she watches the hooved like feet.
The calist palms bare down on the shopping
cart, and limbs extend upward for what seems like

His name: Elk. Those who remember him
think back to past encounters. His afflictions
sheltered him from society.
The specific smell of the institution, on his
torn dirty flannel. Wearing the same XXL shirt,
as the day he was admitted.

He has returned, now fear is back.

Commotion spreads fast in
Hinsdale County, Colorado.

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