Morning Thoughts

March 25, 2009

The lights flash up. With lids up off my eyes
I wake and vivid dreams do soon become
Mere shadows of bright hope, lay deep within.
Bright hope made dark by winter’s harsh cruel ice.
Thrust deeper still into my mind’s abyss
And still not stifled by last salty kiss.

One hopes true hope stands firm ‘gainst tides of time.
Through ebb and flow of Luna’s steady drive,
All through the mountains glaring peaks and crags,
Throughout the waters where no man can find
The gentle land, nor gull to drive him home.

True, hope stands tall through pain of bleeding hearts.
Thrust down she waits her turn to rise again.
Hope waits her turn to burn through biting ice
And burst forth though the dark to shine her light
Upon the weary men with faces sad.

True hope’s true hope is to shine mighty light
Upon the faces of all, man and child,
To remedy the pain of bleeding heart
And cause all dreams of hope to turn to dust.
To leave her light to shine in mind’s abyss,
And pass to waking sun her lovely kiss.

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