a kiss goodbye

March 25, 2009
By Sophia Sabeh SILVER, Piedmont, California
Sophia Sabeh SILVER, Piedmont, California
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eating maggots from your hands
licking blood from your fingers babe
crisp apples eaten from the trees that
grow inside your mind leave me barren
of any fruit to squeeze into your eyes
but laughing monkey carcass flies
to the rescue and feeds me spoiled milk
and stale cookies because exhaust fills
my lungs and fingernails crunch under
my molars and my tongue cringes from
bloody plaque but the war is coming home
and all the guns are in my mouth because
you mean everything to me and stars
fly around my temples from the sledge-
hammer that you slammed down on me
when i killed your mother but the war
is coming home and the car is running
out of gas so we have to go to texas to
avoid the hurricane you keep poking the
dead rats in my walls and they’re waking
up soon for school because the war is
coming home but i can’t swallow the guns
because i’m choking on the maggots that
crawled into my mouth when i kissed you

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