Nine Years and Counting

March 24, 2009
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March twenty first, two thousand and O.
The day innocence was forced to go.
Awaiting the arrival of my new baby sister,
but my mind was soon trapped inside of a twister.
"I don't know how to say this, but your sister's dead."
Suddenly, misconstrued thoughts filled my head.
I realized that I lost someone forever;
someone that I won't be able to forget ever.
I knew nothing about her, she passed so fast.
This event sure put my life on blast.
I shut out life and everyone around me,
looking for someone to pay this profound fee.
Suicidal thoughts and attempts approached.
The devil in my mind was easily encroached.
Screaming curses and damnation at the sky.
Just looking for one reason, one reason why
a baby child was taken from her life,
which made me want to put my wrists to a knife.
My religion, my God abandoned me that day.
This death is a price that no one can pay.
Imagine seeing your mother half dead in a bed
with a slowly rolling tear falling down from her head.
Barely conscious, realizing the event.
The past nine months have been wastefully spent;
all to have it taken away from her,
which would soon fill her heart with anger.
Clenching my fists 'til the knuckles turned white.
Punching holes in walls causing people fright.
Bloody were my knuckles and bruised were my fists.
A counselor stepped in to try and assist.
All the time in the world couldn't heal this pain.
9 years ago to this day and it's still the same.
My life forever changed as her body went into the ground,
knowing well enough that my sister's soul will never be found.
I love you Jenna, but I didn't know you enough.
I promise I'll try with all my heart to remain tough.

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GymAGC1stplace said...
Apr. 9, 2009 at 2:21 am
I'm so sorry about this!! I like the way you write and continue expressing ur feelings like this!! Good job.
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