Lost Dream of Man

March 24, 2009
What is it
the evil in the world
that clouds the minds of our fellow man
that makes them kill one another
What is it
that kills the dream of a man
that makes him wish he was dead
is it that the world
around him is evil
while his dream is pure of heart
and becomes corrupt
What is it
that makes mothers weep
and fathers cry
when a dream of a child
is taken away
is it that the child was
pure and then corrupted by the evil of the world
What is it
when men and women stand together
and fight to better the world
that is the dream
To stand as not one but many
and better the world
The Lost Dream of Man
is not pain but of peace
For in a world were good is abolished to oblivion by evil
Man must just sit and live with the thought that his dream is lost
help your fellow man
make him see that he and we alone
can change a world that
is at the end
What is it
that makes a man run
What is it
that makes a man dream
mabye it is God
Or mabye it is just Man
what ever the thought
Man has lost a dream
a dream that is never
to be awaken
What is it
that makes the dream inpossable
to achive
What is it
that makes the dream
of freedom so inpossable
to the world of man
What is it
The Lost Dream of Man

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Danielle C. said...
Apr. 23, 2009 at 1:16 am
This is really deep and insightful. I think that you should keep it up, it reminds me of what people should see but turn their eyes away from to buffer the pain. good job.
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