Black Cat

March 24, 2009
By Jamie Hollins BRONZE, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Jamie Hollins BRONZE, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Looking into the suns eye
Captivating and bright rays shine
Burning so bright and blessing us all
Blooms the flowers and summons the blue jays call
In the window, there I sat
I was alone
A black stray cat
With eyes that glow
And paws that prey
Sleek and unseen
Invisible and brave
Looking for scraps
Or another like me
Creeping through alleys
Ducking through trees
Swipe the mouse
Devourer it whole
Swift as a jungle cat
As valuable as gold

But yet I am alone
A stray black cat
Sitting on your window pane
Scratching and Clawing
Begging you to let me in
But you walk right by
Like I am a ghost
Invisible to the naked eye
I meow and cry as you stare
Giving you a mean cat glare
You shake your head and watch TV
Although I am a animal
I say that's mean
You pay me no mind
But I do have a heart
It is you... you human who is cold and dark

So I jump from your window
And lurk else where
But you will forever have me on your conscience
When I am not there

You see I am no ordinary cat
I have powers you see
I can transform
To whatever I choose to be
And yes, that was a test
In which you failed
Just remember the stray black cat
When its time for your meeting with me high upstairs...

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