Sea of Pheramones

March 24, 2009
By jatz318 SILVER, East Brunswick, New Jersey
jatz318 SILVER, East Brunswick, New Jersey
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An obliterating numbness exposes my emptiness
A heart, is not something heard of in this tundra
Endless articles of ice crystallize the pain inside
All you had to do was speak, and you were quite verbose
Trashing around blindly, I suppose I got what I deserve
Raw and inexorable hurt cloud inside my heart
Day by night your words haunt each crevasse
Of my throbbing mind and stationary heart
No matter what they say, the lack of sensation brings
A tender agonizing sensation worse than allowing emotion
To cease the beating of my heart would convey only salvation
Pathetically, I welcome the heartache with a soul
A soul filled with love and wistfulness, tinged with regret
Although not in a situation dissimilar to that of any other human
I focus in on my anguish, spreading out my tale of dismal woe
All I had been searching for, yearning for to take it even further
Was a rough and tumble type of love, nothing steady
Passionate eyes locking and filling each others souls with ardor
The rise of two bodies breaking the bonds of the physical
And crashing through the sea of pheromones, touching and arousing
Our senses, without a single word or movement
Only our eyes used to explain our inner turmoil and desire
To reiterate a saying so old, it commands the bones of centuries
“Be careful what you wish for” and what I wished for I received

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