The Good, The Bad, The Gray

December 21, 2017
By KyRMarie GOLD, Wentzville, Missouri
KyRMarie GOLD, Wentzville, Missouri
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An angel,
White and pure as the sun is black.
A devil,
Red and evil as an oak is weak.
Nothing is ?ever? as they seem.

Faithful and true as the stars that don’t shine.
Shady and unreliable as the sea that never touches its shore.
Nothing is simply one thing, it is ?so? much more.

Tangible and right as the monsters that live under your bed.
Empty and gone as the birds that fly West for the winter.
Nothing will ever be sweet ?or? bitter.

Dark and fearful as the phones teenagers have and never use.
Light and pretty as a rose with only thorns.

Nothing is ever one or the other,
Never Black ?or? White,
Good ?or? Bad,
Dark ?or? Light.
Nothing is where people find the in?-?between,
The Black ?and? White,
The Good ?and? Bad,
The Dark ?and? Light,
The Gray.
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