The Traveller

December 20, 2017
By AvaG37 SILVER, Hampton, New Hampshire
AvaG37 SILVER, Hampton, New Hampshire
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She takes a step forward and breathes.
There are many things she hasn’t sensed before,
Wishing to do things she’s never done.
Every moment, memory is worth her to remember.
She stands alone, waiting
For something to happen quickly.

Heart rate increases quickly,
Thin air making it hard to breathe,
Looking out across the landscapes as she waits,
Hoping to see things she’s never seen before.
This scene is something she will want to remember,
And the hard work to get to the top is done.

No matter how hard she tries, she will never be done.
Even if she tries to move through the waters quickly,
The ocean is too vast to completely explore.  She wants to remember
A time she was here, but she never was.  And she takes a breath,
Thinking of hearing things she’s never heard before.
The waves are all she hears as she waits.

Among the greenery, she waits,
Lurking amongst trees until the motions of the bird are done.
Wanting to touch things she’s never touched before,
She reaches towards the bird, but it flies away quickly.
Defeated, she slowly breathes.
Having more birds around her is something to remember.

When she wakes, she remembers.
She sits up and waits,
She starts to breathe.
Can’t go back anymore, the dreams are done.
The possibilities of what exists beyond her room flood her mind quickly.
She’s never had a chance to travel before.

She wants to do everything before she no longer can and must simply remember.
Everything happens quickly, so she needs to just wait
Because things will soon be done and she’ll be stepping back to breathe.

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