The Truth

December 20, 2017
By Jackie_G BRONZE, Oakley, California
Jackie_G BRONZE, Oakley, California
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I hate to admit it but I’ve been dead for so long
What do I mean
I know I’m alive but I feel like it’s wrong
I wish this could be cured by just a vaccine
But it can’t
Anxiety depression bipolar disorder
When it comes to my feelings I guess I’m a hoarder
Searching for poems and songs that express how I feel
Life is always throwing me obstacles expecting me to be stronger than steel
But I’m not
I’m human
And what’s wrong with that

I’m not some cool superhero with spectacular powers
And just like anyone else I stay up at night thinking for hours
And something popped into this brain of mine
And the thought I had sent shivers down my spine
The only thing in life that’s guaranteed is death
I slowly inhaled and took a deep breath
While your here on earth live life to fullest
And do it now before you end up shot down by bullets

The author's comments:

As someone who deals with mental illness, struggles with being myself and dealing with past poetry has been my way of expressing myself. I like to help other out and I hope to do that with my work

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