The Fame Behind Her Sparkling Dress

December 16, 2017
By IzzyIzabella PLATINUM, Arlington Heights, Illinois
IzzyIzabella PLATINUM, Arlington Heights, Illinois
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The world didn't give her
undeniable romance to follow,
the passion and absolutism,
or hope for galore
Instead, a thunderous voyage,
diamonds in the sands,
and lingering radiation
She entered in the sparkling dress
Dressed up for a seven-course dinner
She sat vacant and crumbling
Slowly falling into disrepair
Slowly learning that people
are not good for her
She leaped from the runway,
to the red carpet,
to evacuated war zones,
and to remaining shells of structures
She never brushed off rumors
when snatching the prestigious speed
She watched the miles go by
as she saw her world
stepping into a golden age
Behind her barrenness
were avenues eerily quiet
that made her true
She was a trailer for a film
that would never get made
and nothing was better than
to keep going
above the burning shafts

The author's comments:

This is a found poem.

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