My Operation

December 16, 2017
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The sun peeks in through the window
and curiously watches my operation.
Earlier the floral blanket
was taken out of the dryer
and placed on the queen size bed.
I open the dusty ivory album
and find inside my photograph,
knowing that this is what
I would do for the rest of my life.
I didn't know this, of course,
that's why I practiced
on my baby brother.
Now I sit signing the bottom
of my college applications
knowing that this is what
truly electrifies everyone
of my heart beats.
If one looks to the right
there can be seen a plastic stethoscope
and a yellow syringe.
My brother's angelic giggle
bounces off the walls
as I touch his belly
with my oversized blue gloves.
I go on grinning, showing
my missing two front teeth.
I slide the picture back
into its clear pocket
along with the others
and give my attention to the blue bird
trilling its symphony
just outside the patio door.
Then, I can't help myself,
I glance once more at the picture.
The frizzy curls, the lab coat,
the sparkle in my hazel eyes.

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