My Safe Haven

December 16, 2017
By _zjeadral BRONZE, Baguio City, Other
_zjeadral BRONZE, Baguio City, Other
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A midnight stroll with the big, round moon,

With the soothing sound of the wind passing through.

Thoughts invade his mind too soon,

Sending him to different worlds and gets stuck there too.


The whispers in the dark create chaos in his mind,

Making him stumble back in fear and fright.

Gears in his head stopped trying to wind,

Replacing it with images of a cruel sight.


He tried to get it off his head.

He tried and tried,

But it stayed there,

And never ended.


So he fished out his earphones

And listened to music instead.

Then everything was better,

"At least just for a day," he said.

The author's comments:

I wrote this poem on my first year in college for my Literature subject. It's a bit deep because I wrote this when I was in a point in my life where nothing made sense anymore. I was in a point in my life where darkness and negativity were everything I ever saw. And the only thing that helped me get through that point in my life was listening to music. So I wrote this poem to show how much music meant to me at that time and how much it helped me forget about the negative stuff that kept happening to me.

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