My Balloon

March 24, 2009
By Anonymous

I had a balloon of hopes and dreams
But floated away into the cloud it seems
When I thought everything was okay
I didn’t pay attention
And off my balloon went
I took advantage that it would always be there
But once it left
I had no idea of what to do
Every vision I had of the future was suddenly gone
I was sad, mad, and confused all at the same time
But then suddenly happiness came across my face
Because once I stopped being a spaz and took a moment to breath
I saw that everyone had also lost their balloon
I no longer felt alone
Because no one had an idea of what to do
Some people started to notice this also
But not everyone
One day they will find out
We’re all lost together
And the only thing we can do is let the balloons float
Because they don’t last forever
Our balloons are now gone
But I think we’ll live without them (:

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