Jersey Boy

December 15, 2017
By clayposey BRONZE, Malakoff, Texas
clayposey BRONZE, Malakoff, Texas
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Growing up in Newark New Jersey as young child is hard, but it makes it a lot harder when he has no family, friends, or money.

James was an infant when his parents left him with his grandmother, and they left to look for work in California.  His grandmother was very good at taking care of him and loved him a lot. She wanted to go on walks with him in his stroller as a baby. She took him to the corner store every morning before school to get his lunch for the day. Then went back once more in the evening for dinner.

Twelve years later, he was about to leave the school and go home when the principal called him into his office. He figured it was for something, like his amazing grades. As he walks into the office, and sits down and the principal closes the door behind him. The principal tells james that his grandmother has passed away. He tells him she was shot in  robbery, and asks him if he has other family in the city.

James bursts into tears and tells the principal that he has no family besides his grandmother. The principal asks about his parents and he tells him that they live in California. He asks if he could go live with them. Because if not he will have to live in an orphanage. Immediately, the boy bolts out of the office and runs all the way home and can not go in because they are checking the house for evidence.

    He runs to the ally behind the apartment and waits for the cops to leave so he can go in his home. He was there till around midnight the goes in the home. Crying he goes in and falls asleep.

James walks back to school in the morning and to officers grab him and take him to the police station. The boy tries to resist but they are much too strong. So they take him to the station and file out papers to put him in an home. Where he can be kept till his parents come get him. A couple weeks later he meets with the counselor who tells him that he has a hunch about who killed his grandmother. It was a couple of gang boys not much older than him but they didn’t know names or faces. The man said that they did it so that they could become part of the gang.

    The boy vingfully ran away from the orphanage wanting to kill the boys but ended up being killed by the men in a back alley. His parents came to his funeral and felt no sorrow. They did not know who he was or his interests. Even tho it was their child. Their genes but they felt no concern for him. His parents watched him be lowered down, walked off, and flew back home like nothing even happened to their son. The police ended up catching the men shot the grandmother. The gang members got caught trying to run away by a nearby ATM camera. They were prosecuted and now may be facing life, but they never found out who killed him.

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