The New Girl

December 15, 2017
By Anonymous

It was freshman year and Rachel just moved here, and she had no one to talk to. Rachel was quiet, and always kept to herself. She was the girl who would be the first one in class, and made sure was everything done correctly, She was known as the “goody goody”.

As a few weeks went by, she met a boy, named Jack, he was totally opposite, Jack was the jock, he didn't care about anything. He was all about getting into girls pants, and partying, you would never picture them together.
  They grew closer and closer together. Jack started to get Rachel out of her box, later on, they started dating. They spent night and days with each other.

Jack always talked about sex. Rachel always told him that they were only in high school, they had their whole life to live, it can wait.

As they went on to their relationship, Jack would start to act a little weird, like if the relationship wasn’t good enough for him. Rachel noticed and called him to come over to talk about their problems. They sat down on the bed, Jack  began to tell Rachel that if she didn’t let it happen he could fall into temptation, and go mess around with another girl. Jack told her he didn’t want to fall into temptation because Rachel was his everything.

Rachel wanted to believe him, but deep down inside she knew that she wasn’t. Rachel  didn't want to lose him, she loved him. She had never experienced anything like what she had with him. Jack had mentioned about having sex one last time, and Rachel finally said “yes.” Six months hit and it had happened, she was scared to lose  him now because she just gave him her everything.

He started to act a little weird and she would always ask him what was going on. Jack wouldn’t say anything to her. 

He wasn’t answering her phone calls nor her texts. She soon started to think he was just using her. Rachel walked into school and everyone was looking at her differently. She didn't know why.

She went up to Jack that day, as he was with all of his friends they all started to laugh and say dirty words, she knew then what just had happen. Jack told everyone what they did. Of course Rachel still loved Jack, she  tried to talk to him, but he didn't want anything to do with her anymore. She continued to try to talk to him. She said she would do anything to keep him but he didn’t want that. She finally realized that didn’t need him to be happy. He was a scumbag and he only loved her for her body. It still hurt Rachel but she knew that she needed to move on.

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