But it's fine

December 15, 2017
By sophia12 BRONZE, South Riding, Virginia
sophia12 BRONZE, South Riding, Virginia
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5’0. 60 inches. 152.4 centimeters.
All of those describe me, to be exact.
Most people have dream schools, dream houses, or even a dream car.
I have a dream height: 5’2”. Really, 5’4”, but I don’t think it’s realistic to make it that far

They ask, “How tall are you? 3 feet?”
Not quite, but I might as well be.
“Wow you’re actually really short.”
Thanks, I never noticed it before.
But it’s fine.

Apparently the exterior though, is supposed to define the interior.
Personality isn’t what others are supposed to like about you,
It’s what shapes and fills your crevices so they can’t see through.
But mine’s ignored.
Intelligence isn’t equivalent to 4.0’s, 1600’s, or 100%,
It’s the understanding of others and their viewpoints, and the actions you take because those numbers can leave you in discontent.
But mine’s ignored.
Maturity isn’t the fine line between between high school and college,
It’s the ability of thinking before speaking, and making sure what needs to be, is acknowledged.
But mine’s ignored.
In this case, ignorance isn’t bliss.
So what does that leave me with? Nothing?
But that was everything.
My height and strive to fight dwindle through the expectations that I can’t reach,
There must be a way that I can rekindle that ambition, maybe through the use of freedom of speech.

These meaningless assumptions lead to insecurities full of questions.
Am I really not interesting enough to be a 17-year-old?
Am I not smart enough when I place bronze, not gold?
Do I really act like a child, and perfectly fit into your preconceived mold?
I start second guessing the ideas and behaviors you’ve always been repressing.
But it’s fine.

Genuine frustration comes from this lack of concentration.
Did you see that I deposited that check?
Did you check that I became best friends with Mr.Clean and the mirrors?
Did you mirror every step I took, not to mention mopping over those steps?
Of course not, you saw 5’0, 60 inches, 152.4 centimeters
But it’s fine.

No, I’m not tall enough to reach the gas,
But yes, I’m old enough to drive a car.
No, I’m not tall enough to touch the ground sitting in a movie theatre chair,
But yes, I’m old enough to watch a rated R movie.
No, I’m not tall enough to touch the bottom of the pool,
But yes, I’m old enough to swim during the break.
Instead of seeing what’s invisible, you see the short-standing individual.
But it’s fine.

You know what though, it actually is fine.
My back stays intact while playing limbo. Yours doesn’t.
I’ve got legroom, and even more space in the airplane bathroom You don’t.
I only need one blanket to completely cover my toes. You need another before yours start to show. .

I may be seeing the world at sea level,
But that doesn’t mean I need to rocket into space to enjoy it.
I’ve been so used to looking up to the stars,
I forget what’s down below holding me above the water.
They’re probably floaties.

However, there are the observant ones.
The ones that aren’t blind to the shaping, understanding, and ability that envelopes me.
The ones that aren’t blind to the invisible, just the individual.
What they are blind to is the 5’0, 60 inches, 152.4 centimeters.

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