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December 15, 2017
By DavyBramer GOLD, Rolla, Missouri
DavyBramer GOLD, Rolla, Missouri
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I scramble into the room, rush over to my cubby, and take out my foldable mat. Scanning over the room, I look for a spot.

“there is one” I pace over to a small corner under a bookshelf.“Here comes the worst part” I say to myself. I lay out My mat and throw myself on it “ugg”

It would take me forever to fall asleep. Nap time is horrible. I think, think of what I did during the day. My annoyed self glances over to all the different picture books. I try to pronounce some of the titles, but after a while I get bored. I can't understand why anyone would want to go to sleep.  Seconds later I realize that I have to use the bathroom something at least to do I think.

I slowly sit up and position ready to get up. Lifting  myself up I tuck my feet out underneath me.

As I stand up a hear a big “Clunk”

A sharp pain arises from the top of my head. I stand up all the way and place my hands on top of my head thinking it's just a tiny red bump. Instead I feel a oozing liquid run in between my small fingers.

“ Whoa” I shout.

I place my hand down and just stare at it. My cheeks start to sweat as my face tenses up as if needles  are poking my head.Blood splotches drip off my hand a spalter on the floor.

“This is a big mess” I whisper

I wince in pain as a wave of stress splashes over me. The warm blood oozes off my fingers.

“How did this even happen” I say

I worry about what would happen. Will I get in trouble? What even happened to me? Will I suffer blood loss?  Will I have to go to the hospital? It takes my a couple of seconds to realize when I was standing up to I hit my head on top of a bookshelf causing this whole mess to erupt.

I start to realize maybe I should tell a teacher what happened. Minutes later I swift over to Mrs. Braidlow and try to mumble out.

“ umm I think I hit my head”

She looks at me for  a second and then lets out a big “OoOoOOo”.

Immediately tissues are layered on top of my head. Now I feel like I have a warm hat on.

I get rushed out of the kindergarten room and straight to the office. Gauze then replaces the tissues on my head.“ How did this even happen” Mrs. Braidlow asks

“I-  I think I hit my head on the bookshelf when I tried to stand up to use the bathroom”

Mrs. Braidlow gives a fierce tone of voice and asks“are you sure”

“yes” I mumer out. Eventually I get sent home. I was glad no more nap time for the day

but I have this big bloody mess at the top of my head. Maybe nap time would've been better than this.

Today I realize that when I hit my head If freaked out a lot. But if I looked at the situation  in a different angle it can be a whole lot better.  And this bloody mess could of been just a little scratch on my head that wasn't even a big deal.                

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