The Lion

December 15, 2017

Oh powerful lion, with livey mane of green,
On the day you left, you confessed to me,
I turned away, and you went to leave.
Oh beautiful lion why didn’t you say,
From where you’d go that day,
I never knew when you’d return this way.
Oh powerful lion the days grew long,
I’d think about you in the chiming songs,
And I knew it was my fault you’d gone.
Oh mysterious lion, where would you go?
The hours I spent wishing I could know,
Which roads you had chose to roam.
Oh beautiful lion, your mane’s stained black.
I couldn’t remember your face when you came back.
And you left again, leaving my heart to crack.
Oh powerful lion, you were so surreal
With you gone, that joy I’d never feel
I found myself stuck in a toxic wheel.
Oh lovely lion, what could I do
To have helped you make it through
Oh my lion, how I’d thank you.

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