Calculating MAG

March 24, 2009
By Kelsey Timmer PLATINUM, South Bend, Indiana
Kelsey Timmer PLATINUM, South Bend, Indiana
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Calc calc calc.
Do (aspiring) poets calculate?
I think not.
Will integrals ever
Worm their way
Into my inner words?
I hope not.
They say math is
The universal language,
The language of the world.
Well, in that case
I will create
My own world.
It is located
On the continent
Of my lappy,
In the geographical region
Of My Documents,
Within the borders
Of the Stuff folder valley,
Just East of the indigenous
Word Document people,
And titled “Experiment.”
(If Plato created
A city of speech
Then by God so can I.)
For now,
The Republic of Experiment
is locked behind
a password.
But perhaps someday
The borders will open
And the natural bounty
Of my world
Will be exported.
Perhaps someday
The world will be
United by a language
Better than calculus.

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