The Spirit Animal

December 18, 2017
By , Ionia, MI

As the lithe form walked in the wood .
A little deer did all but stood.
As the deer's senses came alert.
The form stopped upon the dirt.
Using the shadows as a hood.

As the deer bent to eat .
The deers mom began to bleat.
As the deer walked to the sound.
The form stalked close to the ground.
Thinking off this meaty treat.

As the two deer met.
The ground was slick and wet.
Both heads shot up to watch.
The form’s body just a gray blotch.
What happened next the little deer won’t forget.

The form jumped onto the doe.
Coming from down low.
The little fawns fear was fresh.
The little deer ran into the brush.
At his mother's death show.

As the doe’s body fell.
The wolf let out a howling yell.
And through the wood came to light.
Five little pups came into the night.

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