December 14, 2017
By Anonymous

Procrastination: It’s a disease that plagues the whole nation
Its symptoms consist of laziness and a lack of motivation
I can get so much done then it’d come in and alter my concentration
It’s that screen that always has a new notification
It’s the text you open because you’re unable to subdue temptation
It becomes a child and tries harder to vex out of retaliation
I’m tired and it says it’s okay to sleep on these last few empirical equations
O procrastination
Why must you stay and live in our hearts
I said it’s okay and we won’t cry if you depart
You cause us to delay plans and homework just because we don’t know where to start
Group projects are the worst because what if you cause one of my colleagues not to finish their part?
In fact, you were assigned to finish our thirty point t-chart!
O procrastination
Will you just go away
I’ve told you for the tenth time that I do not want to play
I just want to get my work done
I’m working on a much need extra credit essay
Just leave is all I’m trying to say
I’m not Rihanna so I don’t want you to “Stay”
I’m failing English and with you around
It seems that all I can do is pray
So just scurry and scat now, what is your delay?
O procrastination
Will you come back some other time
I can’t have you right now as my grade is very borderline
I promise that after this, you can get back on your grind
Of luring me to stop working and to check on what is online
So procrastination
I’ll see you again and goodbye for now
Later you can have your revenge, but for now I’ll smile

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