December 14, 2017
By diegosamaniego BRONZE, Sioux City, Iowa
diegosamaniego BRONZE, Sioux City, Iowa
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The night lay silent
Autumn leaves rustle underneath my feet
Leaving memories of what used to be
Though the memory stands
The feelings stand here
It will never be the same

The emptiness grows
But the pain begins to fade
Through the days, months, and years
I begin to feel everything
But nothing

The guilt still gets to me
I remember the way your eyes rested on me
Before the glass door slid for its last time
Before you were gone

I feel regret
Remorse for the empty promises left by your absence
There would be a day when I needed you most
But you left and now I have nothing evermore.
The lament and pain builds within me
But I can’t even remember how to love, how to live
The times grow bitter, the air becomes crisp
I inhale life into my lungs
While standing upon death
There is nothing more that I want
But to hear the glass door again
Maybe one day we will be reunited
Under the same roof
Sharing the same love

I will learn to love again
Stay true to your example
That’s all you would’ve wanted
All you would’ve accepted

Now that day turns to night
And the memory of your voice fades
I will sit here in darkness
Forever remembering your name

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