March 24, 2009

It starts slowly, a small tapping
Against the inner chambers
Of my mind.

I can feel the slow scrape
Of the icy claw as it
Carves away another piece

The stress is mounting, a black tsunami
Crashing upon the island shore of my barricaded consciousness:
An unstoppable force meets an immoveable object.

What could happen?
Everything, and nothing.
But, no; I feel a change

Something, changing;
Can’t think
Ocean, swirling

Darkness, consuming me
I can't stop it, the tide has turned;
It shall devour me whole.

And so, I turn away from this
Epoch, that has done nothing but take.
There is nothing left for me here.

The author's comments:
This is essentially the discovery of my limits. I expected too much of myself this year and eventually got enveloped in the stresses of everyday life, so I wrote this to show my reaction.

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