The Rains

December 18, 2017

The rain pours on
as heads to work.
The 25? 30 was it?
Year old Taurus broke down
As he pulled his flip phone
Out of his pants,
He wondered
“When will the rains end?”

He sits at his desk
And opens a drawer, and
With the big laughs from
His coworkers, he sees his
Stapler and
his tape dispenser and
All of his pens
In gelatin, as
he wonders
“When will the rains end?”

He reaches in the Dairy freezer
At the store
And sees they're all
No milk today.
He checks the eggs.
No eggs either.
He wonders,
“When will the rains end?”

He goes home
On the bus this time.
He turns on the television
He gives it a bang.
The last few minutes of
Highlights are on.
He missed the race.
He figures out, his guy is poof!
Out of the playoffs.
He sits on his sofa, on its
Last ½ leg, and wonders,
“When will the rains end?”

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