The Pitch

December 18, 2017
By Anonymous

The moment I step on the soccer pitch
Everything else doesn't seem to matter
Sometimes I’m playing and then I have an itch
But other times I find a player and chatter

The feeling of running freely with the ball
All of it feels so pleasing until I fall
I hear as my family on the side scream and cheer
That's when all the nervousness and fear appear

I know that when they cheer it’s for love and support
This action makes me feel appreciated
But even then I sometimes fall short
Which makes me feel that the perfect time is awaited

Regardless of the flaws that occur on the pitch
I don’t know of a moment that makes the fact switch
The fact that family is always there for you no matter what
That feeling of being cheered for will always stay in my gut

That feeling of knowing that my family is near me when I play
It makes me feel that they are proud of me for what I have done
And when the clock hits 10:00 pm at the end of the day
My family is there to show me that I am their number one

No matter where I am or what I am doing at any point in time
My family will be there for me no matter how bad the climb
Even though there are many things to enjoy in life
Nothing brings the joy like family even in the afterlife

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