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March 24, 2009
By InsanexIntentions BRONZE, Albany, New York
InsanexIntentions BRONZE, Albany, New York
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Let me hold your hand
Twine our fingers,
Our backs against the world is Where we stand,
Look into my eyes
What do you see?
The part of me that dies every time we say our goodbyes?
Let's stand toe to toe
Stand on your flat feet,
I'm only an inch or two below
Lie your lips on mine,
Or kiss me with your breath
I promise we'll be more than fine,
let me feel your heart
Hold me close,
Not even the unimagineable will make us depart
Yet I still don't want you to go away,
Don't dare to let me go
Because here with me is where I want you to stay,
Hold my hand
Squeeze my figners,
I'll write our names in the sand
let me look into your eyes,
And let me see who you really are
I can see how your desire flies,
Let's stand toe to toe
Can you feel my warmth?
Can you hear my blood flow?
Press your lips to mine
But don't pull away,
You make me so blind
Put your hand on my heart,
You make it skip a beat before it evens starts
Come into my arms; fall into my grasp
Hold onto me
Hear me gasp
Let me lean down
Kiss your cheek
Whisper in your ear
Hold you close
And never, never let go.

The author's comments:
This only came from one, very special person. :]

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