Love Story

March 24, 2009
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were a love story cant you see?
were nothing apart, something as one
im half the man I'am now
O im so happy that i found the otherhalf of me

You saw something past these high walls of mine
I can see your pain while you tell me of your past
I guess true love is blind, but were caught in a bind
we dont know how to cross that line

I'm confused as you are, were only friends...
but i speak of being with you until the end

Love decides to throw a wrench in our wheel, and our love stops turning...
maybe we took to long, maybe its to late
but soon i figure that in the end they are only tests

I sit here tired of faith so i come over while you are sad
and tell you i love you
you say i love you too
we can only smile

cant you see?
were a love story
were nothing apart, something as one

you ask me why we fight and i can only say this...
baby even the sun has to come down
the darkness makes us blind
the night brings up fights
we question our love

so i ask the sun why? why must we fight
and he told me not to give up
and hold on to what you love
because the sun will rise again
and turn the darkness into light

were a love story cant you see?
were nothing apart
were something as one

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