To See You Again...

March 24, 2009
By tonedeaflove BRONZE, Biloxi, Mississippi
tonedeaflove BRONZE, Biloxi, Mississippi
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To intertwine fingers or combine bodies
To briefly make one is all I ask for.
To see your beautiful face, to hear your gentle voice,
Or to feel you soft touch, that is all I yearn for.
To just be with you,
Even for just a slight moment, is all I crave.
Your hard yet gentle hands taunt me from afar.
The comfort they provide is so instantaneously it annoys.
Yet I have fallen into an addiction to experience such a feeling.
I ache for you. I dream always of you.
Your handsome face weaving throughout my thoughts constantly.
I relive our memories each night,
Silently praying to make more of these
Once blissful moments.
Throughout my days, I hear
Your sweet voice calling my name, but when
I turn I’m yet again disappointed.
The voice that was once loving
Haunts me daily, slowly torturing my now frail heart.
I beg silently for your presence.
I wish,
And hope for the two of us
To be reunited, to be happy once again.

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