March 22, 2009
By annablue04horses GOLD, Londonderry, New Hampshire
annablue04horses GOLD, Londonderry, New Hampshire
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Green pastures and magnificent barns and stalls,
Meet before your eyes.
Along with equines cantering along the white wooden fences,
Coming to meet you.
Nudging noses with your hands to see if you special treats for them,
And see who will you take along for your ride.
A graceful assertive chestnut gelding floats to you,
And him you choose to go with you.
A rusty bridle and a mangy saddle is all what you have,
So you prepare for the sights to go by.
Mounting on with a grunt from you,
Makes the chestnut wonder where are you taking him.
Urging to trot to shadowed woods,
To go where you pair are meant to go.
Walking in the dark that seems like night,
When a hour long has by your sight.
Then a spot of Light appears,
Cantering the Light becomes larger and larger until…
You blast away from the shadowed woods,
Onto the green, green pastures without any barriers on it.
The gelding takes the bit with his teeth and bolts away,
Startling you by grabbing a chunk full of mane managing to hold on.
Everything goes by you in a blur making hard for you to see,
While your old graceful gelding becomes a lightning bolt.
Finally the chestnut begins to wilt a bit but still a shock wave,

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