found you

March 22, 2009

And Ive found you, that look to see deep inside,
The look i see in your eyes, the feeling never subsides,
Just to look into your soul, see past the heart into the whole,
I found what we all look for,
I found you.
And the feeling of walking in the calm,
feeling of walking in the garden of the universe,
passing stars and planets that surround us both,
but time stops when i feel your hearts beat,
time could end and start again,
stars could die,
planets implode,
but this feeling, this love, will never go,
And I keep reminding myself this is real,
However long fate will allow,
But for one thing i am certain,
Is what i have found.
I can feel my own soul simper,
The stuttering of my breath,
How it feels to be in your arms, life could never end,
The complete joy and over whelming sensation of love,
it pushes through, makes me shout,
And Ill still remember this is rare,
What others deny,
Our souls match,
The harmony of our hearts, feels like the worlds greatest song,
The completion of my world,
What I found,
And Ive finally found you.

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